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Hello everyone, my name is Alicia Dabney and I am a mom of a beautiful three year old girl. I decided to create a blog so that I can help other mommies like me to go through each day with their kids. This blog does not solely help moms but dads as well.

I enjoy talki ng about anything and everything about parenting and child care. I can share and talk about things as typical as feeding your baby and to more complex things like how to care

for a sick child. The list I can think of is endless in my head when it comes to taking care of our little ones. I would also want to learn from you as well. I would love it if you can also share, ask and talk about your experiences and knowledge about parenting and baby care. I have a strong belief that experience is the best teacher. What better way to learn and grow than with each other right?

For the past three years of my life with my daughter, I have learned so much about parenting and child care. One of the memorable things I have understood is that parenting must constantly change in order to give the best care and guidance for your child. This is why I want to learn as much as I can and at the same time share my knowledge to the best of my capability.

Our top priority is our children and it requires extensive understanding, awareness and care to help them grow into kind, well mannered, God-fearing and smart adults in the future. We have to start grooming and guiding them as early as we can. I hope this blog can be a vessel for us in attaining our goal.

I am just like any mom that loves to give tons of hugs, kisses, love and care for my child. I also enjoy buying things for her. Of course, before buying, I always make it a point to research and study about the products I want to buy before actually buying it. These are just some of the things that I would want to share with you in my future blogs.

I hope that we can share experiences and teachings about our children with each other. I am very open to communication and I appreciate queries and comments. These things can truly help us with our parenting skills and make us become more productive and loving parents.

To get in touch with me feel free use the form below. Thanks, Alicia

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