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Know How to Organize Your Day

When your new bundle of joy has finally been discharged from the hospital is now home with you and your family, you will be in for a roller-coaster time of your life. This is probably the most difficult phase I had to endure and up until now, I could not imagine how I overcame it.

Having a baby at home will turn your world upside-down to the point you will lose track of what you are doing. I even had an instance that I burned all of my baby’s bottles and my breast pump because I forgot I was sterilizing them. But luckily, I was able to make a daily routine that worked well for me. I would like to share this with you and I hope it can help you as much as it helped me.

Start Early and Finish Early

I know you are experiencing sleepless nights and round-the-clock feeding but trust me when I say that starting your day early will benefit you. Try your best to multitask your chores as much as you can. You can do the laundry while eating breakfast or even write your to-do list for the day while you are using your breast pump.

The important thing is to make the most out of your free time. Do this transition slowly so that you won’t be too overwhelmed. Start by asking some help from your husband, mom, sister or anyone who is willing to assist you with chores. Begin with just one task for the meantime. When you get the hand of it, add another chore and another and so on, until you can finally juggle your errands for the day.

Once you are able to get the right pace and “groove” for your daily tasks, you can end earlier. This will give your more time for your baby.

Learn to Anticipate and Prepare Beforehand

As time goes by, you will eventually learn your child’s daily routine. You will figure out the time the y wake up, feed and even the time to change their soiled diapers. One you get the hang of it, you can prepare your needed items beforehand.

For example, I knew that my baby usually wakes up every two hours after her last feeding with a dirty diaper. So what I do is I set up the changing table with all my needed items and prop a bottle of breastmilk and thaw it a few minutes before she wakes up. Then I ready my rocking chair so that I can burp her immediately after feeding her. Once she wakes up, it’s smooth sailing from diaper changing to sleeping once again.

Take it One Day at a Time

Like what I have stated above, organizing your activities is not a “one time big time” thing. It requires a lot of effort, observation and most importantly, patience before you can create the right routine for yourself.

Do not rush and do not stress yourself into trying to make a routine within just days. You also will be experiencing failures and struggles and that is perfectly fine and NORMAL. Do not think less of yourself being a mom just because you made a mistake. Remember, we ALL have created mistakes and we LEARN from them.

Keep a Diary and a To-Do List

During those rough staring days, it is a good idea to keep a tab on everything that you do. Taking notes of what you do each day can help you adjust and arrange your chores and tasks to fit to your daily routine.

Having a diary and a to-do list will also aid you in making the best routine for you and your baby. Write your progress and adjustments in your diary so that you would not forget. Your to-do list can be hanged onto somewhere you usually look at (for me it was my baby’s crib) so that you can be on time with your method.

Take Short Naps as Much as You Can

Whether it is a short “power nap” of just a few minutes or an hour long nap, take it. If your baby is sleeping and you are done with your chores, join them in their sleepy time. Try to recover as much restless nights by sleeping during the day.

Have a Well Deserved “Me Time” at Least Once a Week

This rule was originally made by my husband for me. He wants me to have one free day that I won’t do anything except feed our daughter. The reason behind this is because I experienced post-partum depression that I was not even aware of. Thankfully, my husband saw my changes and decided to make this rule.

He did everything during my “me time” and did not ask for my help unless he really needed it. At first I was really reluctant to agree with this and I felt guilty in making my husband have additional chores to do instead of resting. But later on, I finally understood why he wanted me to do it. He wanted me to recharge, recuperate and ready myself for the upcoming week.

Organizing your daily activities with your child and your family is really difficult. But all you need to do is to start slow, study your routine, ask for help and work your way until you get your own pace. And always remember that your also need to care for yourself in order to give the best organized itinerary for your daily living.

Tips On Planning Your Kid’s Party

Planning a kid’s party is definitely not a walk in the park. Unlike adult parties, kiddie parties require more preparation and organizing. The reason why I am saying this is because you will not only be accommodating kids but at the same time adults.

With this in mind, you need to create a party that will both entertain and accommodate both the young crowd and their adult companions. This also means that everything is doubled. The reason behind this is that for one child there will be a minimum of one up to two adults escorting them.

Budget and Theme

A kiddie party is much more expensive compared to a regular adult party. You will have a total of one kid with one or two adults along with them. So better make your budget triple from your original plan which is for just one kid.

The theme of the party will set the whole mood and aura of the party. Make sure to include and prioritize your child’s preference when planning party theme. If they want an underwater themed party or even a robot party, it is your role as parents to make it happen. Remember, this is their party, not yours.

Food and Menu

You have to prepare two set of menus for your guests. Remember that not all kids enjoy “adult food” and vice versa. So make sure that each group will have their own set of meals according to their preference.

Venue and Table Setting

Check your daily weather updates before your book a venue. When my daughter had her first birthday, it was the time of the year when rainy days was more frequent than sunny ones. So I made sure that I chose a venue that can accommodate both rainy and sunny weather.

With regards to the table arrangement, just follow the “kids on this side and adults on this side” method. Kids would just run around and go where ever they want so a seating arrangement would seem useless. As for adults, they can just sit at the back but just make sure that they can easily view their kids.

Program and Games

Make a program that is kid friendly and entertaining for adults at the same time. If you are choosing to hire an emcee, remind them to keep their jokes and spiels wholesome at all times.

Games will also be based on the age groups that are present at the party. You can divide the game into three categories. One for the kids another for the adults and the last category is for both the kids and adults. Be creative and innovative with your games so that everyone can enjoy them.

Gifts and Giveaways

A children’s party will definitely have tons of birthday gifts so make sure you have enough space for it. You can also give some suggestions for gifts before the party to your guests. This is what I did for my daughter’s birthday so that her gifts are exactly what she usually uses and play with.

Giveaways are usually reserved for kids during parties. The most common and versatile option is a loot bag. You can choose what to put in it and at the same time you can decorate it according to the party theme of your kid.

You can also think of giveaways for adults as well if you have a little extra from your budget. You can use cupcakes as giveaways or even rent a photo booth for everyone to enjoy.

This summarizes the basic things you need to consider when planning your kid’s birthday party. From here you can figure out what you need to plan for your kid’s cake, attire, party decoration and many more. Just remember to make it fun, flexible and fantastic for both you, your family, your guests and most importantly, the celebrant.